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~ 10 or fewer fulltime employees


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Manufacturing mobile mini mansions

The team at Able Spaces build and deliver affordable, sustainable, transportable homes around Aotearoa New Zealand. No two homes are the same, as clients have the option to completely customise each design to their liking.

“As housing prices nationwide continue to skyrocket, we pride ourselves on providing an affordable, beautiful alternative to New Zealanders,” says Managing Director Norma McCarty (pictured)

Due to an extensive growth rate of 140% in the last financial year, as demand increases, Able Spaces are quickly outgrowing their current workshop space.

“It’s an exciting problem to have,” says McCarty, “so we are working towards having a new workshop to double the number of houses we build each year"



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Sweet As Water Suppliers 

3 Māori Boys are the creators of Wai Mānuka, New Zealand’s premium non-alcoholic beverage that infuses manuka honey with lemon juice and sparkling water. 

The idea for Wai Mānuka began over a few drinks at a New Year’s Eve BBQ, was developed over lockdown and launched in late 2020. The boys then secured an agreement to supply the America’s Cup and have since expanded its premium partnerships across New Zealand to include the likes of Government House, Karaka café and Sky City.

Wai Mānuka represents friendship, culture and connection and the vision is “He taonga no Aotearoa” a precious gift from New Zealand. The boys
(pictured: Joe Harawira, Wayne Atkins & Lance Paora) aim to take the finest of Aotearoa and offer it to the world. Watch this space…!  


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Automation Stations

DRE Systems are a system integrator and panel builder for industrial automation, offering full end-to-end project delivery.

DRE Systems have experienced a growth rate of 400% since the start of trading and 30% in the last financial year alone (without adjusting for covid). But Director
Dan McNicholas (pictured) says the company’s greatest achievement is the team itself. 

“We believe in people and have a very good team culture. Everyone works collectively toward both personal and common company goals, giving the team personal achievement and collective success,” says McNicholas.

“We have a goal to be the leading system integrator and panel builder in New Zealand for industrial automation by 2025.”


Anna & Steve Olds Eketahuna CMs_edited.jpg


A Sweet Meat n Greet Fleet

Eketahuna Country Meats delivers meat and milk directly from the farm to customers’ doors, using compostable packaging and reusable glass bottles that they collect, sterilise and refill.

“We love the fact that our customers can receive better than export quality products delivered to their door in a truly sustainable manner,” says Owner and Director
Steve Olds (pictured with co-owner Philipps Olds).

“Our system is truly NZ wholefood that has been treated well right throughout the chain. The milk comes from the farm the day before and is on your doorstep in the morning. Nothing is over-processed; it is as natural as it can be.”

Eketahuna’s system has seen over 500,000 plastic bottles taken out of the environment in the last two years.




High Priests of Yeast

Froth Technologies is an urban farm, changing the game for the craft breweries of Aotearoa, by providing them with locally grown yeast that allows them to produce truly 100% Kiwi beers.


“Our custom designed propagation process allows us to grow extremely healthy, pure yeast cultures that we can pack according to each client’s specific needs for their brew,” says Director Ryan Carville (pictured left with fellow Director Simon Cooke)


“This means that brewers no longer have to grow their own yeast from a small starter culture, but can get a direct ‘pitch’ to add straight into the tank, leading to faster fermentations, better batch to batch re-use, and more certainty around the exact amount of yeast being added.”


Froth Tech’s next big goal is to start exporting their yeast to Australia.


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Green Sleeves

Little Yellow Bird is a manufacturer and supplier of ethically made apparel and uniforms, using 100% organic rain-fed cotton and tracing their raw materials from farm to factory.


“We supply uniforms and apparel to over 400 organisations – from your local cafe through to big corporates – including New Zealand Post and Air New Zealand,” says CEO and Founder Samantha Jones (pictured)


“We are on a mission to make the fashion industry more sustainable and to educate the nation that circular approaches to design and consumption must become the norm.”


The first company in NZ to have a fully circular textile to textile recycling system, Little Yellow Bird have diverted 3,500kg of textile waste from landfill.


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