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in association with WELLINGTON CITY COUNCIL 

~ highlighting positive diversity programmes

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We know diversity and inclusion are more than buzz words when businesses and organisations put them at the core of what they do. Wellington City Council have recognised three such groups for their outstanding efforts:




Hell – hot, steamy, fire and brimstone, and not really known for inclusivity - until now. Hell Pizza has lit a fire under traditional workplace relationships - valuing diversity among store-owners, and workers too, because well, it’s just part of their DNA.


Which they are keen to put out into the community, supporting small but worthy causes which might be struggling to get their message across.


Standing up for the underdogs and helping them make a difference.


Like Rainbow Youth - Hell came up with specially designed T-shirts featuring the tagline, “The Only HELL I’m Going To”, to help raise funds for the group supporting the rainbow community, and generate positive messages about diversity and inclusiveness. The t-shirts sold like hotcakes, the money rolled in and the message took off.


Because at Hell, they love the cause, and love the t-shirt.

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When you’ve got a strong healthy Pulse you can do anything. And The Pulse is very strong and healthy, thanks in no small part to chief sponsor Te Wānanga o Raukawa, which hasn’t just got behind the team, but has enveloped them.

Since first partnering with the tikanga Māori tertiary education provider in 2017,


Te Wānanga o Raukawa Pulse has posted the most successful two seasons ever. And has embraced the guiding principles of Tikanga Māori in all that they do....


With te reo in the team environment, on social media and at events.


Whanaungatanga, which focuses on working together and making decisions for the collective good of the whole community.


And Manaakitanga which is caring about mana – everyone’s mana, extending kindness, generosity and support to all.


You can see it on the court – during the games and after them as players and fans mix and mingle. The team’s hashtag #madeofmany sums it all up – there’s no I in team, the team is all of us.

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The fans are the heart of any sports or entertainment event. At Westpac Stadium, they’ve made sure that every fan – no matter their ability – can enjoy the experience.


And that’s according to independent experts, Be.Accessible, who have a comprehensive checklist that puts organisations through their paces and rates their accessibility.


Things like getting in and out safely, toilets, lighting, parking and of course, plenty of accessible seating.


And the stadium came up trumps, achieving the Gold Standard and excellent levels of accessibility in a number of areas including Vision, Hearing, Mobility, Learning and Parents.


What makes it even better is that they’re the only outdoor stadium in the country to get the Gold rating.


And better still, the work continues, with accessibility being a key consideration in the upgrade of the public concourse, due to be completed next year.

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