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 in association with Duncan Cotterill

~ 10 or fewer fulltime employees


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Meals AND Wheels

Porirua’s Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe can feed you, fix your bike and even convert it to an electric beast.

Angela Bendall (pictured left with co-owner Simon Bendall) says a recent growth spurt has meant they now run out of 8 converted containers on the edge of beautiful Porirua harbour and are opening a 2nd location in Brewtown, Upper Hutt.

“We’re really proud of our food menu. Our bagels, burgers & salads with lots of plant based options have people visiting from all over Wellington. 

They’re also proud of their quality bike servicing and their focus on sustainability. Throw in their terrific community work, and these guys are the wheel deal.


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Bureau de Change

Māia means brave. Being brave to take on the big ideas and support brave kaupapa.


Formed last year, the communications company has led messaging in some key campaigns.


One involved working with Māori energy retailer Nau Mai Rā to end power inequality in Aotearoa by taking on 10,000 customers. 


Co-founder Mihi Blake (pictured right with co-founder Bee Stevenson)  says another big win was  - compelling 55 large Kiwi businesses to report their pay gaps and Government commitment to prioritise pay gap transparency. 


Māia also does pro bono work for charities. Whenever bravery and consciousness is required.



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Peaceful Pipes

Straight Flush Wairarapa is a plumbing phoenix story. It rose from the ashes of a struggling company, picked up the pieces, and had a bumper last year.


 It’s a specialist firm that focuses on doing the stuff that needs doing right away, and when it comes to plumbing, that’s almost everything.


Now part of the Straight Flush Group, director Ngaire Mansfield (pictured) says the 390 per cent rise in revenue shows the company is thriving.


“It was a tough start but after 18 months things are humming and just get better each day.”



Voideck - Marty_edited.jpg


Whole lotta Holes Gone 

Voideck is a self-supporting modular safety platform system that immediately eliminates the risk of falls through internal floor voids during the construction process, while also providing a safe working platform with unobstructed access to complete works within and above the void.


Business Development and Sales Manager Marty Screen (pictured), is passionate about the Health & Safety of workers on construction sites, including eliminating risks and providing cost effective solutions that enhance both the safety and efficiency of all workers.


“By immediately eliminating the fall risk the Tradies can safely complete their work above and around the void area!



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A No Free Zone
Werk is a full-service creative and marketing agency helping businesses smash their goals!

They partner with clients across a range of industries; food and beverage, events, tourism and construction. Whether they’re growing e-commerce revenues, selling event tickets or generating qualified leads they pursue data-driven results that matter most to their clients.

Creative Director Benjamin Johnson (pictured left with co-founder Robbie Lawton) says Werk is only three years old but has grown 150 percent in the last year due to the dedication their team invests in their clients.

“We take pride in our client’s growth. If they win, we do too.”



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