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CLASS OF 2019!
The 2019 Wellington Gold Awards Winners & Finalists


Terry Carter CEO and the NZ Tube Mills team accept the 2019 Dominion Post Wellington Gold Awards supreme trophy from Hon. Grant Robertson and The Dominion Post Editor Eric Janssen (far left)


The Lower Hutt company exporting a high-quality steel trellis to vineyards and orchards around the world took home the supreme award at the 2019 Gold Awards.


New Zealand Tube Mills (formerly Southwards Engineering) was presented with the supreme award by Wellington MP and Minister of Finance Grant Robertson after winning the Global Gold award.

General manager Terry Carter said the business has seen a transformation over recent years. The win was a "credit to the entire team for their vision to turn a dying business - and truly believe me it was dying - into something we're all very proud of."

Stonewood logo black box.png

~ film, media & creative content

Conceived, developed and created by the mad scientists at Weta Workshop and unleashed on the world via the Magic Leap One Googles box.


•   OnVideo Media says you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it, especially creative minds. Delivering 49 corporate vids in just 15 days is a case in point.
•   Story Inc, since its inception 20 years ago has created all kinds of weird and wonderful visitor experiences - like Te Papa’s Golden Days, robot ballet and alien spaceships.
•   Te Auaha - New Zealand Institute of Creativity brings the arts and creative programmes of Whitireia and WelTec together into new purpose built premises right in the heart of Wellington.
•   Wairarapa Times-Age is locally owned and locally printed. This independent and fiercely local, local paper is, according to audit, the best performing daily newspaper in the country, with a circulation over 5,000.
•   Wellington Paranormal is NZDB’s hugely successful police unreality series. Their first episode reaching an audience of 448,000 is unheard of apart from the laughter. And some screams.

PwC_bw Logo.png

CYBER GOLD in association with PwC
~ technology creators

2019 WINNER:  
The low-cost investment platform that’s simple to use – just sign up and start investing. In the first two years, 43,000 people have done just that, with $50m of funds being managed.



•   FlexiTime offers a range of employee management solutions that handle payroll and tax compliance and more complex issues, like Droppah for rostering shiftwork and Invoxy for recruiters and their multiple payrolls.
•   Horizon State is a secure, anonymous and incorruptible digital ballot box that revolutionises voting, allowing councils, unions and other groups to engage with electors quickly, cheaply and securely.
•   NV Interactive sits at the intersection of technology and design, crafting web platforms, mobile apps and full-blown digital installations - like NV Play, the elite cricketing solution generating million dollar revenue.
•   PaySauce is software for people at work, offering small and medium enterprises – especially in the agriculture sector - a full suite of employment solutions. Uptake has doubled in the past twelve months.
•   YouDo works with companies searching for a competitive edge or with a unique business model and through business analysis and idea generation, build bespoke software solutions to meet their needs.


~ 10 or fewer full-time employees


Specialising in the factory construction of custom-designed, high-quality, affordable transportable homes and buildings – in the past year they’ve sent completed homes as far north as Warkworth and down to Tasman.

•   Blackwell and Sons are cycling lifestyle merchants, offering quality Pashley bicycles, accessories and service online and from their Greytown store. They’re now the number one retailer of Pashley Bicycles in the World.
•   Munch Cupboard is a social enterprise with over 70 products in three categories - Baby, Lunch and Kitchen – ranging from reusable baby food pouches to beeswax food wraps and reusable straws.
•   NopeSisters offers a range of sustainable clothing that carries a strong message, forming charity partnerships with groups to share real messages and sense of purpose across Aotearoa and the world.
•   Segmomento is a specialised marketing system that uses real-time data based on real people to make sure the message hits the right target. Segmomento’s own revenue target has already been exceeded for the year.


Meredith Connell big positive.png

~ 10 or fewer full-time employees


This full end-to-end accounting service helps self-employed traders with their invoicing, credit control and business systems that’s upended the traditional model and made it simple and affordable.

•  Brewtown is a former tyre factory that hosts 4 craft breweries operating side by side with other businesses on a 36000 m2 site that’s fast becoming a destination experience in Upper Hutt.
•  Dignity provides businesses and organisations with 100% organic sanitary products on a buy-one-give-one free subscription. The donated products go to schools where students may otherwise lack access to them.
•  PledgeMe was NZ’s first project-based crowdfunding platform. Since 2012 over $33 million has been raised, helping 1400 Kiwis fund the things they, and 100,000 pledgers, care about.
•  Storbie is a simple to use website builder for independent retailers and also a platform for hundreds of general online retailers with more than 2 million products and $40 million of orders sold.
•  The Settlement set up the first dedicated co-working spaces in Porirua and the Hutt Valley - providing fully-equipped hassle-free offices for more than 40 businesses and a hundred people.

Datacom Black logo.png

INNOVATION GOLD in association with DATACOM
~ recent inventive products & projects


2019 WINNER:  THE OMEO by Omeo Technology

More than a mobility product – it’s built around self- balancing technology and The Omeo is the only device with an active Seat Control steering mechanism that gives users total control.

  Eco Trellis by NZ Tube Mills is the result of NZ Tube Mills branching out a decade ago into support systems for the kiwifuit Industry. EcoTrellis, and offshoots EcoVine and EcoSleeve are now holding their own in vineyards everywhere.
•  Hatch is Kiwi Wealth’s new digital investment platform developed to make investing easy for all Kiwis – giving them affordable access – as in 5% of the usual fee - to shares in US-listed companies and exchange-traded funds.
•  Passphere is a new player in the NZ ticketing industry, capturing and analysing data from sales - airlines to cinemas, concerts to weddings - and providing real time access to venues and event creators.

•  Rebel Bakehouse – part of the bakery - Breadcraft, that sold the first sliced bread in NZ - is moving into the wrap market, introducing hemp, crickets and purple corn into the mix and reducing our environmental footprint.
•  Xero Learn is a great new software service that lets educators create their own customised lessons in how to use Xero and send them out to their students in a single click.

ANZ black logo.png

GLOBAL GOLD in association with ANZ 
~  international businesses & exporters


NZTM have been fabricating steel for 60 years. Eco Trellis is a recent, and revolutionary, product, proving a big hit with fruit growers around the world.

•  Flux Federation
 is a global technology company with staff around the world shaking up energy markets wherever they go – growth in the UK is up 150% from last year.

•  Mojo Coffee Cartel has embedded its cosy coffee establishments all over Wellington and Auckland. Now they are taking their pockets of caffeine hospitality to the world - with shops in Chicago and China. Global domination begins!

•  Raygun from Tory St, beams out to businesses all over the world, keeping their software running and their data up-to-date – 75% of clients are in Europe and the US.
•  Showcase Workshop helps marketers create their own apps, so they can cut back on their paper use and keep trees doing what they do best – saving the planet. Proudly made in Wellington, sold worldwide.

Beca logo.png

SUPPORTING GOLD in association with BECA
~ services & infrastructure



35 years in the business, means RDL can handle anything – like construction and demolition, earthworks and asbestos removal, from small one-offs right up to the big projects.

•  Rival Wealth has been providing sound financial planning solutions to businesses for over a decade, staying ahead of market trends and on top of legislative changes.
•  Sarah Searancke Catering presents a home cookery ethos on corporate stages of all sizes and can coordinate the whole event - all with passion, air and impeccable grooming. Tasty as!
•  The Formary is a textile company turning old waste into innovative new textiles. Their first client was Starbucks, which used coffee sacks became an award-winning upholstery fabric.
•  Young Enterprise  (Y.E.S.) has inspired and informed Year 1 –13 students about business and entrepreneurship since 1981, reaching 85% of schools and 3,700 students last year alone.

Downer Logo Black CMYK.png

VIBRANT GOLD in association with DOWNER
~ events, visitor facilities & hospitality

2019 WINNER:

The iconic exhibition Te Papa brought to Wellington as their major attraction over the past summer, doubled attendance expectations and brought over $30 million into the local economy.

•  A Waka Odyssey
 kicked off the 2018 New Zealand Festival with a huge splash as waka from around the Paci c and Aotearoa descended on Wellington Harbour, watched by 35,000 people.
•  City Gallery Wellington celebrating Five Years of Tuatara Open Late. A vibrant monthly late-night programme of art and ideas, drinks and food. A sustaining highlight of the local events calendar.
•  Eminem Rapture @ Westpac Stadium The Stadium secured Eminem’s only NZ performance of Rapture in March and broke audience records in the process: the most fans ever in the house - more than 46,000.
•  HighLight – Carnival of Lights is the creative techno lab event electrifying Hutt City over Labour Weekend – 50 installations, 4 reworks shows, 12 kilometres of techie cabling and over 135,000 dazzled attendees.
•  Hurricanes are the most-watched team on telly - have been entertaining fans and inspiring the next generation of players since 1996. In the last 5 years, membership has grown 250 per cent.


ACC Logo.png


~ workplace safety practices



One of the capital’s leading hotels has a workplace health and safety strategy developed and run by representatives of its 143 staff.



•  Aspiring Walls has been supplying beautiful wallpaper products to New Zealand homes for over 50 years. They also have robust programmes to make sure everyone stays safe at work and goes home safe at the end of the day.

•  Metco is an engineering business that handles a huge range of projects for clients around the world. Key to the company’s success is robust risk management of people and processes.

•  Waste Management NZ puts safety first, with monthly toolbox talks for all, strict SOPs and thorough training so the whole team Thinks Safe, Works Safe and Goes Home Safe.



GW Landscape Logo - Grey.png

~ sustainability programmes & products


They developed a system that produces groundbreaking products from fibre waste, used clothing and textiles. This year they’re looking at industrial-scale solutions to help put the brakes on climate change.

•  CentrePort
 has turned earthquake-damaged infrastructure into recycling gold, repurposing demolition waste so that already 25,000 cubic metres of concrete and 1200 tonnes of steel have been reused or recycled.
•  Mojo Coffee Cartel is well on the road to having a smaller impact on the environment – with ALL of its cups, lids and cold drink cups 100% made from plants.
•  Purebread Organic is built around sustainability, from the ingredients all the way through to the recyclable, reusable packaging wrapped around the 100% certified organic products. Even unsold bread gets recycled, into crumbs.
•  Victoria University of Wellington makes a significant contribution towards a sustainable future across the board, through research, community engagement, green business practices and equipping its students with the skills to make a difference.
•  Wairarapa Eco Farms is a dynamic and synergistic agro-ecological production system growing a wide variety of crops and animals designed to support 100-150 Community Supported Agriculture members.

Momentum Logo - Black.png

TEAM GOLD  in association with MOMENTUM 

~ HR & wellness programmes

2019 WINNER: 
A software development and Agile consulting company committed to the WorldBlu model that’s all about living, leading and working in freedom.

•  Bradley Project Management 
has grown in just 2 years from a two-man to a nine-strong team, with a core value of ‘the greatest wealth is health’.
•  ENGEO’s team is passionate about engineering, science and technology, so they’re given an environment that drives innovation and inspires the confidence to take on any challenge.
•  Rival Wealth has grown into a multi-million dollar wealth management business in just a decade, with attention to staff wellbeing playing a significant role in that success.
•  Thankyou Payroll offers sophisticated online payroll, tax and personnel management software. It’s a social enterprise where the internal culture is managed as holistically as its clients.

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