- presenting this year's finalists by category...

Pictured - Finalists, from left, Sulu Fiti from Boost, Emma Snelgrove from Tranzurban,
Marc Simpson from Toulouse, and Libby Hakaraia from Māoriland.

The Finalists for the 2020 Golds were announced on Thursday 30th July at Te Wharewaka o Poneke on Wellington's waterfront. They were selected from the largest group of entrants in the Gold Awards 22-year history and represent a fine cross-section of the region's business landscape today after the Covid-19. Lockdown earlier in the year. We congratulate them all for their resilence.  Remarkable businesses all...


~ film, media & creative content


DINOSAUR POLO CLUB is the critically-acclaimed studio behind Mini Motorways and Mini Metro, a subway-building game that achieved 1.7 million iOS and Android downloads in lockdown alone.


FOX & CO goes above and beyond to create stunning animated content, telling local and high-profile international clients’ stories with clarity and emotional resonance.


GARPHILL GAMES began as a local man’s hobby, assembling game designs on the dining room table before publishing hugely popular titles such as Raiders of the North Sea.


MĀORILAND celebrates indigenous storytelling – returning cultural, economic and social benefits to the community. They host the largest international indigenous fil m festival in the Southern Hemisphere.


TOULOUSE ignites showcases through creative lighting design and technical excellence, such as Te Papa’s most successful exhibits – from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy to Bug Lab.


WELLINGTON PARANORMAL is the hit police mockumentary series, following two droll officers investigating the shadowy residents of the capital. The first episode reached 484,400 people.


CYBER GOLD in association with PwC

~ technology creators


EIGHT360 was built off the dream of creating a new type of VR motion simulator. NOVA Platform is the result – a realistic state-of-the-art virtual experience.


FLEXITIME simplifies employment by offering a range of programs rolled into one, such as online payroll, timesheets, invoicing and rostering. Invoxy is now NZ’s leading middle office system.


PAPERKITE creates and consults on cutting-edge digital experiences for a vast range of prestigious brands and organisations. Rippl was recently awarded The Privacy Trust Mark.

PAYSAUCE is software for people at work – simplifying Kiwi businesses’ employment management processes. They always offer their payroll services free of charge to Aotearoa charities.


STORBIE is a web platform for Kiwi community pharmacies – capturing the magic that makes an independent retailer unique. Over 4.5 million people visit Storbie websites each month.


VOLPARA HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES was formed to save families from cancer, by advocating for early detection and prevention through ingenious software solutions.


INNOVATION GOLD in association with DATACOM

~ recent R&D projects


133-NODE NET2 FIRE ALARM NETWORK by PETRONIC was the first Pertronic product developed solely for high-end projects, such as Sydney’s M4 East Motorway Tunnel.


BOCCE COURT PROJECT by PACKAWORLD has become the court of choice for many Special Olympic programmes around the world, allowing the sport to be taken to locations never dreamt of before.


REAL AML creates identification tools for reporting entities so they remotely and securely identify their clients – thus helping Kiwi companies comply with their obligations.


RIPPL by PAPERKITE is their privacy-first check-in app, designed to help Kiwis and the government with COVID-19 contact tracing. Rippl tops the App Store and Google Play with over 80,000 downloads.

THE NOVA PLATFORM stems from Eight360’s dream of creating a new VR motion simulator for helicopter pilot training – but can now be used for any vehicle type, even spaceships.


VOIDECK is a modular suspended temporary working platform that improves worksite safety by eliminating fall zones. It has entered the international market following success in Aotearoa and Australia.



~ 10 or fewer full-time employees


AGAIN AGAIN makes takeaway coffee culture sustainable through a reusable coffee cup share system, which is responsible for stopping upwards of 820,000 single-use cups entering landfills annually.


FIVEFORTYFIVE is a new community and luxury retail store experience, stocking both high-end watches and more affordable watches from around the world.

JRNY makes the insurance customer journey simpler, through their Insurance Customer Journey Platform that improves conversion rates, customer retention and more.


KISS AND MAKEUP is one of Aotearoa’s fastest growing online retailers of high-quality cosmetics while offsetting 8.62 tonnes of carbon through their Kiss and Plant Trees initiative.


KOAKOA brews some of the most popular liqueurs and spirits in the capital, using premium local ingredients. ‘Swap a create’ involves delivering products in reusable creates and collecting empties.


NATIVE HARD SPARKLING is Aotearoa’s first alcoholic sparkling water – offering more responsible, healthier beverage options – stocked in 62% of lower North Island liquor stores.


SIX BARREL SODA CO. is all about creativity and experimentation, shaking up the fizzy drink market, with their natural, mostly organic soda syrups.


~ 10 or fewer full-time employees


BREWTOWN is the place to visit for some of Wellington’s finest craft beers and unique food, hosting 5 different venues side-by-side at a repurposed factory.


CO-LIBERATE is a social enterprise, working with organisations to develop mental health support strategies and response training across Aotearoa. They have certified 965 first responders as of April 2020.


CONVEX ACCOUNTING grew from a car boot and a vision to create an accounting firm that helps other businesses grow and keeps customers happy.


DIGITAL NOMAD brings individuals and companies together in premium boutique co-sharing office spaces, fostering a dynamic, professional, secure and inclusive environment. Their 9th site opens in October.


DIGNITY champions period equity with a buy-one-give-one-free model and provides businesses and organisations with 100% organic sanitary products. Donated products go to schools where students may lack access.


DOUBLE DENIM is a creative agency built on the motive to create female-focused strategies to help change the status quo. Ace Ladies and Feminist Clubhouse is a 10,000-strong network.


XEQUALS is a web development and digital agency, creating strategies and systems ranging from timeless to weird and wonderful. Last year they volunteered over 500 hours to helping the community.

GLOBAL GOLD in association with ANZ

~ exporters


AGRINOVA NZ is a leading supplier of sustainable crop solution for growers around the Southern Hemisphere, producing 801,00 litres and 197,000 Kilograms of product.


FIX & FOGG sells Aotearoa’s largest range of nut butters, always innovating and pushing the boundaries – becoming the top-ranked independent peanut butter company on Amazon.countries.


TIMES-7’s name comes from the speed in which their antennas travel around the world – seven times in one second. They export UHF RFID antennas to over 50 countries.


GLOBAL ALBATROSS is NZ’s only international medical insurance specialist, providing solutions for expatriate individuals, corporates, and professional athletes worldwide. They are consistently recognized at global awards.


LITTLE ANNIE MONTHLY POP-IN PORTRAITS makes professional photography and capturing precious milestones fun, convenient and affordable for young families everywhere, through monthly pop-in events.


SPOTLIGHT REPORTING saves accountants and business owners from their mind-numbing spreadsheet programs, by offering time-saving cloud technology, and delivering insight and advice to businesses in over 40 countries.



SUPPORTING GOLD in association with BECA

~ services & infrastructure


FOREST ENTERPRISES have been making forestry investment affordable for smaller investors in Aotearoa since 1972 – and is now the most successful company of its kind in the country.


GEEKS ON WHEELS have been providing everyday Kiwis with everyday IT support since 2005, racing around the country to serve over 70,000 unique customers.


HNRY supports contractors and freelancers through a pay-as-you-go service, taking all the hassle out of financial admin, through a simple smartphone and web app.


HUTT GAS AND PLUMBING is one of Wellington’s largest drain laying, gas fitting and plumbing teams, supporting local apprentices for over 25 years.


THE OAKS HOTEL was created by two brothers who defied the odds, growing an esteemed property and investment group, Stonewood Group, from a standalone Chinese takeaway shop.


TIDY SLABS specialises in providing quality concrete foundations for commercial and residential projects. In 2019 they reported sales growth of 267% and ranked 22nd on Deloitte Fast 50.


YOUNG ENTERPRISE is a charity, inspiring and informing school students about business and entrepreneurship since 1981. They worked with 85% of secondary schools over 2019-20.



VIBRANT GOLD in association with DOWNER

~ events, visitor facilities & hospitality


EL BARRIO LATINO BAR is the latest slice of Latin America in the capital, featuring authentic live music, food and drink, and Latino themed cultural events throughout the year!


ESCAPE MATE provides the ultimate puzzle-solving adventure experience for all generations to enjoy together. Spaceship is the first fully automated game in Aotearoa.


FESTIVAL FOR THE FUTURE is an annual event that hosts an array of inspiring speakers, future-focused panels, and workshop streams. Last year 1,200 people attended.

GOLDEN SHEARS is a sheep shearing competition, run by volunteers for over last 60 years. This year the livestream reached a record 129,000 – up 84% from last year.


SECOND UNIT 2019 provided an immersive theatrical experience inspired by a cinematic world. Their 2019 production, What Will You Do in the Shadows, reached 6.1 million across print, radio, TV and web.


SWEET AXE THROWING COMPANY have hit the bullseye, bring good old-fashioned fun to locals. They have also released 3 axe-theme beers in collaboration with Waitoa Social Club.





~ sustainability programmes & products


AGAIN AGAIN have the purpose of ending single-use waste with their commercial reusable cup lending system.


EKKO NATURALS is an Earth-friendly store, helping the Upper Hutt community reduce their environmental impact through their range of sustainable products, refillery service and recycling hub.


GARAGE PROJECT is an independent brewery that’s never been afraid to experiment. Their carbon emissions are 100% offset through native reforestation projects in Golden Bay and Southland.


GO WILD Freeze Dried Honey is special due to using the Chatham Islands’ rich biological heritage and wild bees. Their bee sanctuary project aims to regenerate Aotearoa’s bee population.


SHOOTS MICROGREENS is an indoor sustainable farm that began in a basement and bloomed into the supplier of choice for 100 of Wellington’s finest restaurants.


TRANZURBAN is driving towards a more sustainable future, with vehicles meeting the highest global emission standards and 31 new double-deck electric vehicles to be added by September 2022.


WELLINGTON ROUND THE BAYS is an iconic annual fun run/walk around Wellington, regularly attracting up to 14,500 participants. They are committed to being a waste-free event by 2025.


TEAM GOLD in association with FIND RECRUITMENT

~ HR & wellness programmes

BOOST is a software development and Agile consulting agency that supports others to create lasting, positive impacts. They are committed to keeping employees happy through the Worldblu model.


BRADLEY PROJECT MANAGEMENT believes ‘the greatest wealth is health’, ensuring their team is happy and healthy. In three years, BPM has grown from a two-man to a 12-man team.


HUMANKIND is a fast-growing professional services company committed to providing employees with a healthy work-life balance, through mental and physical health and social initiatives.


SHARESIES is an online platform that has led to over 170,000 Kiwis investing in businesses. They empower their team through mental health, wellness and career development initiatives.


SITESAFE is a not-for-profit health and safety organisation, helping keep Kiwi construction workers safe – which includes the implementation of mental health and wellbeing initiatives.


SOCIAL WELLBEING AGENCY works across Aotearoa’s social system, providing evidence-informed insights to decision-makers – thus improving people’s wellbeing and professional skills.