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Butter Business Bureau

Fix & Fogg Fix & Fogg sells Aotearoa’s largest range of nut butters, always innovating and pushing the boundaries to create and spread their unique flavours around the world.


Owner Roman Jewell (pictured with co-owner Andrea Jewell) says their export business took off like a rocket in the last 12 months. 


“We've gone from supplying 400 supermarkets globally to over 2,500 supermarkets in the last six months, including some of the world's best retailers in USA” says Roman. “Buyers are excited about our innovative flavours and better tasting nut butters as well as working with a B Corp certified company.” 


In light of these successes and in keeping with the desire to be meaningful and sustainable as well as delicious, they donated over 100,000 serves of nut butter to charities in Aotearoa and USA.



Mahon & Nicollette Jone - GIVE_edited.jpg


Tick Boxes Clever

Based in Rongotai, GIVE is the first business to introduce innovative, sustainable packaging options to the jewellery industry. The idea to provide handcrafted sustainable jewellery boxes came to fruition when they noticed there were no sustainable options on the market.


“Being ahead of our time in an industry that we had no prior experience operating in, while juggling a young family and facing many rejections from retailers early on, we now supply three hundred jewellery stores in over twenty international markets,” says co-founder Nicolette Jones (pictured with co-founder Mahon Jones).


GIVE grew at a rate of 52% in the last financial year, and they plan to increase their current base of 300 customers to 1500 by the end of 2025.



Brent Spicer - Marsello_edited.jpg


The Retail Detail

Marsello is a data-driven, all-in-one marketing platform for retailers that operate both in-store and online.
“Marsello uses data to take the guesswork out of marketing,” says CEO and Co-Founder
Brent Spicer (pictured). 

“Marsello generates smart marketing that delivers brand new attributable revenue, on average 50X the Marsello subscription fee”
Marsello is currently being used by over 3,000 globally, supported by a team of over 40 mostly based in Wellington.
In 2020, despite the challenges retailers faced due to the pandemic, Marsello managed to double their revenue and staff and helped many retailers survive through smart, omnichannel marketing.


Malcolm Sanderson_edited.jpg


Pipe Dream Machines

Sanpro Industries design and build world-leading tube perforation machinery. They have produced and sold over 200 machines in 35 countries and are considered the industry standard for this niche market.


“We are extremely proud that we have managed to dominate our niche market by designing and building the fastest tube perforating machine in the industry,” says Managing Director Malcolm Sanderson (pictured). 


“However, with this in mind, there is no time for complacency. Through consistent innovation, we are not only ensuring we stay at the forefront of our competitors, but we are constantly pushing the boundaries of making the ‘impossible’ possible.” 


Sanderson are working towards having their machines stored in international facilities, ready to send directly to customers as soon as an order comes through.



Simon Gatenby Taylor Preston_edited.jpg


Stock Market highs

Taylor Preston buy livestock from farmers,  then process and export under three brands – Natural Farm NZ, Taylored Foods and Taylor Preston – to 50 countries annually. 


“Producing quality food for New Zealand and the world is something we take very seriously,” says CEO Simon Gatenby (pictured). 


“We’re proud of the product we make and proud that it is NZ branded and that it is sent around the world for people to enjoy. We love being able to employ so many great people and take our responsibility as an employer very seriously.”


Taylor Preston supports the farmers of the region and numerous local businesses as we require upstream and downstream goods and services to operate, for every Taylor Preston employee, an estimated 6.4 jobs are supported within the Wellington region.



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