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Green Sleeves

Little Yellow Bird is a manufacturer and supplier of ethically made apparel and uniforms, using 100% organic rain-fed cotton and tracing their raw materials from farm to factory.


“We supply uniforms and apparel to over 400 organisations – from your local cafe through to big corporates – including New Zealand Post and Air New Zealand,” says CEO and Founder Samantha Jones (pictured)


“We are on a mission to make the fashion industry more sustainable and to educate the nation that circular approaches to design and consumption must become the norm.”


The first company in NZ to have a fully circular textile to textile recycling system, Little Yellow Bird have diverted 3,500kg of textile waste from landfill.



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Footprint evidence

CoGo's on a mission to empower millions of consumers around the world to understand their personal carbon footprint and take action on their emissions.

Using world-first technology, CoGo's free app and real-time API helps consumers and businesses to understand, reduce and offset their carbon footprints, and align their spending with their environmental and social values.

“Beyond our consumer-facing app, CoGo's created an API that allows us to integrate our carbon footprint tracker into third-party apps and websites, including banking apps,” says Ben Gleisner Founder and CEO (pictured). “We've recently won a contract with a leading UK bank to roll out to their 10M+ customers, and similar discussions are in progress with banks in NZ, AU and EU.”


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Green up your cleaning act

Figgy & Co. are on a mission to reduce the number of chemicals used by Kiwis in the everyday cleaning of homes. They are achieving this by manufacturing and supplying non-toxic cleaning products which can be safely discharged into the environment and waterways.

“We are proudly 100 percent detergent-free and it is this that sets us apart from more commercialised products that may be considered eco-cleaners,” says owner Aimee Fake of Figgy & Co (pictured with co-owner Jane Anderson).

“During product development our stance was firm: detergents would not be part of our ingredients list and we were able to achieve this through development and investment into machinery, to produce a pure liquid soap which we manufacture on site in Kapiti.”


Anna & Steve Olds Eketahuna CMs_edited.jpg


A Sweet Meat n Greet Fleet

Eketahuna Country Meats delivers meat and milk directly from the farm to customers’ doors, using compostable packaging and reusable glass bottles that they collect, sterilise and refill.

“We love the fact that our customers can receive better than export quality products delivered to their door in a truly sustainable manner,” says Owner and Director
Steve Olds (pictured with co-owner Philipps Olds).

“Our system is truly NZ wholefood that has been treated well right throughout the chain. The milk comes from the farm the day before and is on your doorstep in the morning. Nothing is over-processed; it is as natural as it can be.”

Eketahuna’s system has seen over 500,000 plastic bottles taken out of the environment in the last two years.


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Plastic Wrapture

At Sealed Air, we are in the business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to make our world better than we found it.  We partner with our customers to deliver innovative solutions which contribute to a more efficient, secure, and less-wasteful global food supply chain.


In 2020 our team identified an opportunity to reduce our landfill waste by over 80 tonnes per year by recycling our core materials received from our Qingpu site.  This successful project is now being rolled out across all our APAC sites as a ‘best practice’ initiative.


“We are continually challenging ourselves to improve our sustainability KPIs throughout all levels of the organisation,” says Sealed Air’s Massey Cook (pictured). 


“Every site actively works to improve production efficiency and we take pride in reducing waste and sharing our great ideas throughout the organisation.”



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