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Fair Trade Photos 

Excio is out to shake up the image library sector so photographers get a solid return for their works.


Instead of tiny commissions traditional sites provide, Excio is paying photographers a fair income, while making sure customers can access quality, affordable shots.


Excio already has the support of 30 businesses and organisations nationally and CEO Ana Lyubich (pictured) says this is the start of something big in tech.


“We want people to know they can get fresh, authentic images and there is fair pay for the creators.  It’s the way things should be.


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Animation Dominators

They've blasted into the international market with their motion design and animations, but Fox and Co's ambitions are even bigger.


The current team of 10 has produced a range of work for local and international clients across various mediums - from broadcast to online, social, and even outdoor!


Founder Phyo Thu (pictured) says his team's devotion to beauty and a strong focus on key messages wildly exceed the client's creative brief. 


"We take a client's rough concept for an animation idea and turn it into absolute visual gold!"



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Grand Brand Designs

The team at Obvious take an empathy-led design approach to deliver beautiful, strategic multi-media and web solutions that enhance clients' connection with their audiences.


Founder, Ciaran Jack (pictured) says their mission is to empower purpose-driven organisations with creative agency of their own.

“We share our expertise and provide services, training and resources that activate teams.”


They’ve used this successful brand-building and marketing strategy to support many organisations including Aro Digital, Dev Academy, SuiteFiles, The Tertiary Education Union, TEDx and Wellington Medical Group.


Obvious celebrates intuition, evidence and creative collaboration.





Mining Design Gold
Digital platforms are a vital tool for all businesses, resulting in higher expectations year on year.  

PS/digital is a full-service, creative digital agency focused on partnering with clients to meet their evolving business needs.

Richard Edge, co-founder (pictured right with co-founder Phoebe Edge) says the team works best when they get stuck in together.

“We are a bunch of driven, creative folk, delivering high-quality results for our clients”

“We are digital partners with 118 clients and look after 120 websites, each tailored to our clients unique business needs”


The Prf Arcade - Sam Trubridge_edited.jpg


Entertaining Containers

The  Performance Arcade brings live performance to the masses. In fact, masses of masses.


Each summer tens of thousands of people see the shows, music and theatre hosted in the modified shipping containers on the Wellington waterfront.


Director Sam Trubridge (pictured) says apart from a smorgasbord of events, it’s a major springboard for many artists.


“Bands develop loyal followings and artists are often picked up by other presenters.”


This year’s had the bonus challenge of running during a red traffic light level. Careful planning saw 145+ performers get the green light to shine.



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