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Devine Distribution
Porirua’s Angel Delivery makes sure the special people in your life get a hearty, gourmet meal, right when they need it. It was needed a lot last year.

“We delivered more than 40,000 meals across New Zealand,” says general manager and co-owner Grace Kreft (pictured right with co-owner  Rebecca Cass).  “We're honoured to have connected so many families, friends, teams, and colleagues during life's ups and downs."

Since starting in 2008, Angel Delivery is now NZ’s leading fresh-food, gift service.

With a 72 percent lift in sales in the last year, it shows there is no slow-down in people sharing kindness, in a most delicious way.



Girl Native Rawinia_edited.jpg


Natural Beauty Queens

Girl Native’s range of beauty products is built solidly on Māori values but with the international market key to its success.


Since starting in 2019 Girl Native has been included in Emmy goodie bags, and was runner-up in the London Pure Beauty Awards for the best natural skincare product.


Director Rawinia Rimene (pictured) says the company celebrates indigenous beauty through its sustainable skincare and beauty products


“We’re also working on an awards event for indigenous women in the beauty industry, and have a new CBD hemp skincare range coming out.”


It’s a company that keeps going, and glowing.



JuvenateMarie August_edited.jpg


The skinny on skin

Juvenate’s vision is for everybody to be more confident in their own skin.

Supplying only beauty clinics, the skincare range is the leading product stocked by 70 clinics nationally.

In 2021 it won the award for NZ's Most Trusted Cosmedical Skincare.

Marie August (pictured) says beauty clinics love having a New Zealand results-driven product made from the best ingredients that are great for skin, and the environment.

“We use sophisticated, clean, rare bio-actives that are combined to pack a punch for rapid, maximum effect.”
That means everything, when it’s your skin in the game.



Munch Anna Bourgignon_edited.jpg


Fixin’ Kitchens 

Munch Cupboard has the humble goal of 100 percent sustainability for the world’s kitchens


It’s helping the planet get there with deals taking its eco baby feeding products, kitchenware and accessories to Australia and the United Arab Emirates. On top of 600 NZ stores.


Founder Anna Bordignon (pictured) says its new initiative is Send Back Silicone.  “Silicone’s a 200 million tonne a year problem. We’ve sorted out how to recycle it, we’ve got collection centres in place, and Wellington will be the hub of this exciting industry.”


What goes around, comes back again!



Orba Shoes - Greg Howard_edited.jpg


Soul Train-ers
Orba Shoes has high hopes for its Ghost shoe, but it’s walking before it runs.

The casual sneaker launched in September 2021, and is getting a workout in New Zealand before taking on the overseas markets.

Made from plant materials, co-founder Greg Howard (pictured), says the Orba is ambitious for its shoe, and its philosophy.

“We’re focusing  on manufacturing processes, cultivation of raw materials, emissions, pollution and waste during manufacturing, ethical working conditions for our workers and end-of-life responsibility. Oh, and it’s a great shoe!”



Taslim Share Satisfaction.jpg


Happy Pants

Share Satisfaction is doing for self-love what the iPod did for music. The range is a hit for all genders.

Kama, a dual simulation device, combines suction and internal vibration. NZ’s top selling toy is a hit on Share Satisfaction’s social media channels!
“People say our products have helped them to have MUCH better sex lives,” says business development manager
Taslim Parsons (pictured).

The luxury adult toy brand is out to make great products accessible to everyone, and they seem to be hitting the sweet spot, with over a million units sold last year.



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