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~  recent exciting R&D projects


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A clean green marine machine

It’s big, silent and lives on the harbour.

Ika Rere is the groundbreaking electric vessel made specifically for East by West Ferries who wanted a large, fast, electric passenger ferry.

It’s been built by the Seaview-based Wellington Electric Boat Building Company.

Managing director
 Fraser Foote (pictured right with owner Jeremy Ward) says all the tech was there to create this kind of zero-carbon craft, it just hadn’t been done on this scale.

“So we worked with NZ marine and electric vehicle experts to come up with it. We think a lot of cities will want one. Maybe two!”



Orba Shoes - AlexandersArtAgency-20_adj_edited.jpg


Soles with Soul
Orba Shoes is less than a year old and its Ghost shoe is already making a global stir.

The casual sneaker, which won the Sustainability category at the Global Footwear Awards, is the result of $800,000 in research and development.

Sustainability manager 
Gillian Boucher (pictured) says this included developing a bespoke bio-sole compound designed to biodegrade. 

“All the hand-woven canvas and linings are made from natural, plant-based materials including organic flax, and we’ve successfully removed plastic and metal - even the eyelets are embroidered cotton!”



Reveal Sam Wiffen_edited.jpg


Unveiling our underground

Reveal has built the world’s largest and most comprehensive 3D map of the underground in Wellington – a world-first of subsurface utility engineering.


Sam Wiffen  (pictured), CEO, says the RevealTwin will bring new visibility and insights to city infrastructure planning, and help Wellington achieve its climate goals, reduce carbon emissions, and build more vibrant, sustainable communities. 


The company’s next goal is to take the Wellington model to the world, and they’re planning to expand to Australia, the USA and the UK in the coming months.



RIPA Global Mel Gollan_edited.jpg


Paperless Purchasing Power

RIPA’s big project is called “End to end automation of government & business  Procurement”. 

It’s a mouthful, but the company has plans to take a big bite of the financial transactions sector.


Its enterprise automation platform for payments and procurement allows governments and businesses to maximise efficiencies while cutting paperwork.


Chief executive Mel Gollan (pictured) says RIPA has platform cornerstone distribution with point-of-sale software systems in Australia, Singapore and USA, with the NZ government being a leading client.


“We will be a billion dollar business within the next two years, just from the NZ market!”



the Floeting Diamond x 3_edited.jpg


Rise and shine you crazy diamond

The Village Goldsmith has done nearly the impossible and made diamonds shine even more brightly.

Its revolutionary hi-tech way of mounting diamonds without traditional clasps has been lauded the world over, with Forbes magazine calling The Floeting Diamond setting “revolutionary”.

Village Goldsmith founder Ian Douglas (pictured middle with co-founder Christine Douglas and Director Chris Benham) says it’s taken 10 years’ and many millions of dollars of research to make it work.

“We worked with a team of brilliant experts to develop a new patented diamond cut and create a unique laser that could do the micron-level work required.”

The jewellery world is saying it’s just brilliant.



YY Nation Jeremy Bank_edited.jpg


Kick Ass Kickers

Making an eco shoe is one thing. Making a great one is what YY Nation is about.

Founder Jeremy Bank (pictured) says while the goal is to design out pollution by developing the worlds most sustainable footwear, it needs to be able to foot it with any competitor.

Following 3 years of R&R, initial funding from Kickstarter proving demand for such a shoe, YY successfully launched in USA validating an exciting future ahead. 

“We wanted an incredibly comfortable shoe that looks great, is durable, lightweight, and good for the planet. We call it turning Waste into Wonder.”


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