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Double Happy

Allfields is a business built on clever, caring people.


The staff use their skills and experience to take take organisations through change, bringing out the best in people, and turning any worries into knowledge and expertise.

Its tagline is: The people side of technology.

“Change is necessary,” says CEO Shiree Hart (pictured) . “Allfields just makes it better.”

Since starting in 2000, Allfields now has over 40 FTEs and has worked on hundreds of complex technology change projects.


It looks after its own team with tons of training in the latest approaches to change, wrap-around support, and the unwavering affection of Harvee the office chief-mental-health-officer labrador. Woof!



BPM Dan Bradley_edited.jpg


Fit for purpose

“There’s a key word in BPM’s vocabulary, and that’s “well”.

The consultancy’s main work is on construction and retail projects, which are both notoriously tough on people.

So BPM, with a staff of 12, makes wellness a key part of the culture. Which means all its projects are done very well indeed.

“People who are thriving just do better work. And we have a lot more fun in everything we do,” says founder
 Dan Bradley (pictured). “We make sure this happens by putting in a wellness plan as part of every employment contract.”

It just makes, well, sense.” 



Downer Shaun_edited.jpg


People Power

Downer has been building New Zealand for 150 years. It’s also building its team with skill programmes at every level.

With units across utilities, transport and facilities, Downer knows it is people that make things work.
The Downer Spirit comes from four values or tikanga that flow through its culture:  Whānau – family & relationship | Kairangatira – excellence | Ngākau Pono – integrity | Manaaki – care and respect.
It uses mentoring, literacy and cadet programmes, and its Te Ara Whanake programme for Māori leadership, to create an environment when everyone can thrive.
“I am very proud of my team here in Wellington and feel fortunate that I work for a Company that invests so much into our peoples’ development, success and wellness” says Wellington manager
Shaun Donovan (pictured).



Reason #1 Tim & Matt_edited.jpg


Perks a Plenty

Reason knows how to keep a great team together.

The digital marketing agency has 45 enthusiastic experts and co-founder 
Matt Rowe (pictured Left with co-founder Tim Pointer) says investing in them is key.

Reason, formerly Uprise Solutions, creates a Career Roadmap for each person to map their development goals. There’s also personal coaching, unlimited health days (other firms call them sick days), 360 surveys and lunches for top teams.

And dosh, in the form of profit sharing.

“We paid out $87,000 in bonuses over a 6 month period,” Matt says. “If Reason is winning, everyone reaps the rewards!”



Tawhiri final.jpg


Arts with heart

Arts with a heart, Tāwhiri produces some of the region’s key creative events including Aotearoa New Zealand Festival of the Arts; youth-led Tungia Tahia Festival in Porirua; Wellington Jazz Festival; Lexus Song Quest and runs a staging construction and hire workshop in Upper Hutt.


Tāwhiri prioritises uplifting the mana of all its people through care, nurture and respectful relationships.


Tawhiri applied for the Team Gold Award after Pouārahi Māori Tama Ale Samoa (pictured) said, “100% told us they felt respected and 100% would recommend Tāwhiri as a place to work, that felt special”.



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