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Dragonfly - finlay_edited.jpg


Smarta Fasta Data

If data is the currency of the 21st century, Dragonfly is going to coin it.


The science consultancy specialises in data analysis, statistical modelling and machine learning. To name some of its specialties.


Projects have ranged from developing algorithms to monitoring forests in California via  satellite, to managing  the global database of Covid-19 DNA sequences.


CEO Finlay Thompson (pictured) says growth was up 61 per cent last year.


“Our scientific work was recognised in 14 publications in 2021. That’s letting us leverage our reputation and getting us involved in even more international projects.”



Parts TraderSteve-220519-18846_edited.jpg


Keeping the Piece(s)

PartsTrader has made a good business out of helping fix damaged vehicles.

It does this by making it much easier to find new and recycled car parts to be used to repair cars that have had a negative experience.

Run out of Wellington, with a major operation in the US, CEO
Steve Messenger (pictured) says it is always growing as it builds on its expertise.

“We take pride in looking after all the insurers, repairers, and suppliers in the sector. But we are also proud we are developing great new IT staff.”


PaySauce Asantha Wijeyeratne CEO and Founder and Shelley Ruha Chair_edited.jpg


Rockin’ Payroll 

PaySauce is an employment solutions platform that lets employers process payroll with one click via their phone.

Based in Lower Hutt and with customers across the Asia Pacific, PaySauce is the simple-to-use service that’s a firm favourite with farmers, construction and hospitality businesses.


CEO Asantha Wijeyeratne (pictured left with Chair of the Board Shelley Ruha)  says the platform isn’t just payroll; it  includes rosters, contracts, mobile timesheets, calculations, banking, automated payments, PAYE filing  … and everything else small/medium employers need to ‘be a better boss’.


“We aim to be the first choice people platform for Oceania. Well, maybe the world!”



Raygun Lana & JD_edited.jpg


Darn Tootin Trouble Shootin

Raygun gives software developers the power to see into their code to spot errors and performance issues that affect users.


This real-time detection and diagnosis have seen Raygun’s monitoring tools being used by more than 100,000 developers in 120 countries.


CEO John-Daniel Trask (pictured right with COO Lana Vaughan) says a major recent focus has been Core Web Vitals, Google’s three measures of user experience. Raygun has built these measures into their Real User Monitoring tool, helping developers see a website through the customer’s eyes.


“It’s a market leader with unrivaled code-level detail, endorsed by Google's own team.”



Voxels -Ben-Nolan_edited.jpg


Actually Virtual Now

Voxels is a world in progress.


It is a web-based virtual world on the Ethereum Blockchain that provides a place for people to connect, interact and enjoy.


Ben Nolan (pictured), CEO of Voxels (the company), says since starting in 2018, thousands of artists have built fantastic experiences in the world.


“And there have been events with tens of thousands of participants.”


There’s nothing virtual about its growth, with a team of 25 people. Their next step is the launch of its augmented reality headset.



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