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Changing Minds

Bradley Project Management (BPM) are a Wellington-based project consultancy established in 2016, always putting workplace safety processes and wellbeing at the forefront of their operations. 

“Our most recent safety process focuses on opening constructive dialogue on mental health in the construction industry,” says Managing Director Dan Bradley (pictured).

“BPM worked alongside Wellington wellbeing-enterprise Co-Liberate, to workshop their awareness framework CONVOS in Construction – a revolutionary six-step mental wellbeing framework tailored for the construction industry. 

BPM’s fitness regime is also vital to keeping their workers in peak physical condition, to reduce the chance of injury when completing laborious tasks on site. 




Michael Wilsn Cable Price_edited.jpg

Big Machine Learning

CablePrice sells and services Hitachi construction machinery for civil, roading, forestry and mining. They are also the dealer for Daimler Trucks and light commercial for the South Island. 

National Health Safety and Environmental Manager Michael Wilson (pictured) says safety and sustainability are being integrated in to all business decisions. 

“CablePrice has transformed Health and Safety in the past year with staff-led transformation based on safety conversations and risk assessment,” says Wilson.

This transformation has resulted in a 47 percent reduction in the lost time injury rate, a 90 percent reduction in ACC costs, and an 83 percent reduction in speeding incidents. 

CablePrice runs GoodYarn mental health training with all their team, helping them identify and act on mental health or potential suicide signs in colleagues, family or the stakeholders they interact with. 



Marianne Archer_edited.jpg

Road Tested Safety

Goodman Contractors are a family owned and operated civil earthworks company. They constantly tweak their systems to comply with ever evolving health and safety requirements. 

“It is Goodman’s way to be as practical and pragmatic as possible, introducing systems only when necessary and not in a quickfire response to something going wrong,” says Director Marianne Archer (pictured). 

“The old answer of having system upon system generally creates a minefield of systems for the end user to navigate. Simplicity is our forever goal.” 

Goodman’s are working on introducing QR codes with relevant libraries created for every model of machine they use, removing the need for paperwork and making it easier for their 215 employees to navigate risk assessments and safety processes. 


Steffan Cavill-Fowler_edited.jpg

A safe pair of hands

Lockheed Martin New Zealand delivers transformational logistics to Government services and other notable clients. 

Lockheed Martin New Zealand and Lockheed Martin Australia have recently rolled out the “Don’t Give Safety the Finger” (DGSF) campaign. This safety campaign targeted causes of hand and finger injuries, whilst drawing focus towards injury mitigation, and understanding of safer work practices and tool alternatives. 


Health and safety programs, such as DGSF, have resulted in a more mature risk framework, increased staff engagement, and appropriate tool selection. 

“Across the organisation there was discussion on what tools our staff were using and exploring ways to reduce risks and hazards,” says Environment, Safety and Health Manager Steffan Cavill-Fowler (pictured). 



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