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Shaking up the Quake Stakes

Global Seismic Data NZ’s (GSD) SaaS systems and Seismic Data Sensors have been built and designed locally here in Wellington.

GSD provide 24/7 monitoring of the behaviour of buildings, measuring movement and noises before, during and after earthquakes. As well as providing near-to-real time status updates and risk assessment of earthquakes and other events.

This information allows engineers to make rapid post event assessment of buildings with data collected. With these informed decisions clients can identify at risk buildings, make rapid decisions, coordinate emergency responses and reduce unnecessary evacuations or demolitions.

“Our priority is to ensure clients businesses receive the vital data required to determine their building’s status. This also improves decision-making affecting life safety outcomes before an events” explains CEO Steve McLaughlan, pictured.

Recent Global Seismic Data sensors’ installations in a Mexico City government building and Silicon Valley, USA set the scene for major international growth.


Global Seismic Data NZ

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Reigning training

From their HQ in Petone, Arlo Software helps training providers in over 70 countries, promote, sell and deliver courses. 

From paramedics, agile, business and leadership, to software engineers who are building the future, more than 7 million people have trained through its platform. But what they do goes way beyond developing a piece of software.

“Our purpose is empowering the delivery of great learning, using education to improve health and livelihoods, increase social stability, and drive long-term economic growth,” says CEO Tim Bird, pictured.

Arlo's recent expansion into North America offers the company massive potential for growth - the driving force behind the company’s goal to sell $1bn in courses across its platform by 2026.



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One-stop Doctor Data Shopping

Medicly is a powerful data-sharing platform pulling together data from the previously disconnected healthcare system.

It is automated, secure and compliant, and since mid-April has expanded its operation to enable all Primary care providers to safely and accurately share patient data from 1000+ GP practices across Aotearoa.

“We are trusted by dozens of government agencies and NGOs to automate the thousands of steps needed to deliver between enterprises, and have the highest security classification for doing so across the public internet,” says General Manager Andy Ellis, pictured.

Medicly’s next big step is to scale internationally, having onboarded their first Australian clients and working with partners in Thailand, The UK and Ireland to enable secure health data sharing across the globe.


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The Food Chain Fast Lane

Upstock is a digital marketplace and ecommerce platform for foodservice buyers and suppliers. Restaurants, cafes and grocery markets use Upstock to order wholesale food and beverage. It connects trading partners then automates wholesale ordering, payments, production, logistics and fulfilment.

The company’s mission is to reduce friction and waste across the global supply chain. Already the category leader in NZ, they are rapidly expanding in Australia. Having successfully raised multiple rounds of venture funding, they’re continuing to pursue global expansion.

“We’re on a trajectory to be one of the world’s top B2B marketplace and ecommerce platforms,” says Co-CEO, Philip Fierlinger pictured centre with Matt Watson (left) and Duncan Ritchie (right).

Upstock lets foodservice buyers find the best selection of products and brands, while streamlining their purchasing control. For suppliers of all sizes, from artisanal producers to international exporters, the platform provides powerful logistics, finance and marketing tools that until now were only available to the world’s largest multinational corporations.


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