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Shots served  round the world 

The coffee’s the thing with Coffee Supreme. Well, there’s also its full service to coffee drinkers, it’s community support and many green initiatives. 


But the purpose has always been Better Coffee For All. That’s why Coffee Supreme now also has operations in Australia and Japan.


CE, Jesse Newson (pictured) says it’s a company with some tasty ambitions. “Earlier this year, we acquired a site in Sydney, gave it a lick of paint and opened it as a Coffee Supreme flagship. We’ve got a few other cities in our sights, one cup at a time.”



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Long Taxing Taxes

DataTorque’s tax management system is trusted by 16 governments around the world. And they plan to double that number.

Their flagship product Revenue Management System (RMS) is a user-friendly, enterprise solution, which makes collecting taxes more efficient and transparent for their Government clients.

RMS’s popularity drove revenue growth of 26 % last year and saw 50 extra staff join their team.

Managing director 
Bill Chatwin (pictured) says “Our diverse global client base traverses the Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Americas. “Assisting governments improve their tax collection means they can invest in delivering essential public services and infrastructure for their citizens which is a key pillar of an efficient economy. Our team helps make that happen.”



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Pest-free Planet

Goodnature’s traps are helping bring biodiversity back to the world.


The Newtown firm started in 2005, making traps to eradicate pests in a humane way and allowing New Zealand’s wildlife to thrive again.


Last year it sold 100,000 traps, with 80 percent of its revenue coming from overseas.


Bryan Tarlowski, (pictured left) international business development manager, says all this cleverness comes from its Newtown factory using mainly local materials.


“We are proud of our product, but our greatest achievement is we are helping people outsmart pests, allowing spaces to become wild again.”