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Footprint evidence

CoGo's on a mission to empower millions of consumers around the world to understand their personal carbon footprint and take action on their emissions.

Using world-first technology, CoGo's free app and real-time API helps consumers and businesses to understand, reduce and offset their carbon footprints, and align their spending with their environmental and social values.

“Beyond our consumer-facing app, CoGo's created an API that allows us to integrate our carbon footprint tracker into third-party apps and websites, including banking apps,” says
Ben Gleisner Founder and CEO (pictured). “We've recently won a contract with a leading UK bank to roll out to their 10M+ customers, and similar discussions are in progress with banks in NZ, AU and EU.”




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Paint it Clean


Inhibit Coatings’ project, “Antiviral coatings for high-risk environments”, uses existing silver technology to develop new antiviral coatings that protect against a wider range of pathogens with long-lasting effectiveness.


They recently demonstrated excellent antiviral activity, reducing human coronavirus by 99.9% in just two hours. Inhibit Coatings believes that high-risk environments for transmission, such as hospitals, managed isolation and aged-care facilities, will benefit from these coatings.


“Our aim is for our technology to be applied across several industries and applications. Working collaboratively with value-aligned companies, our ultimate goal is to reduce the health risk in our communities on a global scale.” says CEO Eldon Tate (pictured).



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Defining di-vine wine


Marama Labs is a sensor and data analytics company, allowing winemakers to accurately monitor their wine production and make smart decisions to better respond to consumer behaviour and preferences.


Dr Brendan Darby (pictured), former researcher at at Te Herenga Waka (Victoria University of Wellington) and now CEO at Marama Labs, and his co-founders revolutionised the wine-making process through the Cloudspec product – which analyses liquids using light. 


The next gen spectroscopy instrument simplifies conventional methods and enables cloudy or opaque liquids to be analysed more quickly and accurately, with the press of a button.


The technology can be applied across various sectors in which spectroscopy can be used, including wastewater testing, beer brewing and fundamental research.



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Sparkling Clean Water Machines


Sparkling clean water

Lutra has developed a modular water treatment plant. Their product, SafeWater, was designed to support small communities throughout Aotearoa, taking advantage of pre-engineered plans and Wellington based fabrication to minimise the cost and delivery timeline.


Auckland City Council used three of these solutions to support drought response plans. Lutra are continuing to work with councils throughout Aotearoa to assist them with upgrading or replacing water treatment plants to meet the new Drinking Water Standards.


“Outside of these supplies, there are a high number of small, water supplies across NZ which will benefit from this offering” says Chief Customer Officer, Quentin Griffiths (pictured).


The total number of supplies in this category is in the thousands and will be captured under the new Drinking Water Standards.”



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Deconstructing Construction


XFrame is a sustainable construction technology on the path to transforming how the building industry deals with waste. 


Today half of Aotearoa’s annual waste is a product of building construction and demolition. 


“XFrame is a lightweight timber frame that allows parts of buildings to be easily adapted and recovered as users’ needs change. Our aim is to help transition the building sector from a linear (take, make, dispose) economy to a circular economy, where materials are reused in endless cycles,” says Founder Ged Finch (pictured). 


XFrame has experienced rapid growth with support from international investors. The company has technical staff in New Zealand, operations in Australia and plans to launch its online customer platform in the coming months. 





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