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Helping farmers use data smarter

Farm Focus has been providing premium financial management software since 1981. The company’s application provides farmers with a big picture view of farm performance, helping them with forecasting and planning decisions.


Its new cloud-based platform delivers significant ease-of-use and labour-saving benefits, and enables continued innovations and integrations to other applications. Because data input is automated, information arrives ready to be consumed.


“Rather than spending their time gathering data, farmers are working with the outputs of that data, really bringing to life the company’s vision of informed farmers making confident decisions,” says CEO Brian Eccles (pictured).


“We also like to think we can provide hard-working farmers with ‘time off farm’, which benefits both farming families and rural communities.”





Learning Unlimited

Arlo Software is indeed striving in its purpose of “empowering the delivery of great learning”, by offering commercial training providers a seamless online learning platform.

Founded in a garage in Lower Hutt in 2007, Arlo has transformed into a thriving business with three offices – NZ, UK and Canada – employing over 40 staff, and the software itself has transformed the way training is done.

“Education is a powerful agent of change, and improves health and livelihoods, contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth,” says CEO John Mitchell (pictured). 

“And with over 3.3 million people trained using our software and a goal of six million by the end of 2024, that’s a monumental contribution to global learning and development.”


Maria English - ImpactLabs_edited.jpg


The Good Money Shots

ImpactLab’s vision is to help build a world where investment works for communities. They do this by unlocking the insights within data to help charities and philanthropists see where impact lies.


“Philanthropic giving is an investment in New Zealand’s future,” says Founder Maria English (pictured). “We want to ensure that every dollar is delivered to where it will do the most good, so we’ve developed impact tools to help this happen.”


These tools include GoodMeasure: a simple data-driven, comparable way to measure positive social change, and ‘GoodInvestor, a data-driven navigation tool that helps funders.


 ImpactLab have worked with 80 different programmes and hundreds of charities, non-profits and social service providers to support their decision making and help drive social change.


Andrew-Mayfield_IMG_5 copy_edited.jpg


Making websites humm ....... worldwide!

Optimal Workshop offers a suite of five tools on their SaaS platform, helping researchers, designers and information architects make better design decisions. They have customers in over 100 countries creating studies in over 80 different languages.

“When someone uses Optimal Workshop to improve a website, whether they’re a government, a corporate, or a restaurant, they are making life easier, and often fairer, for their users, customers, constituents… their people,” says CEO
Andrew Mayfield (pictured).

“We derive great energy and take great pride in making tools that help our customers to create better experiences for all.”

Optimal Workshop experienced growth of 19% in the last financial year and aim to expand their global influence further.


Asantha - PaySauce_edited.jpg



PaySauce provides smart, cloud-based software to help employers take care of their teams and get back to business.

“We’re a powerful platform centralising all your essential people functions, like payroll, timesheets and rosters,” says CEO 
Asantha Wijeyeratne (pictured). 

“We have a massive focus on mobile, giving our users the freedom to enter and access key info where they are, saving time and trouble.” 

PaySauce supports Payroll Giving for 35 registered charities, encouraging 20,000 Kiwis to give easily and get an instant 33% tax rebate on their donation.

In the last financial year, they experienced an ARR increase of 59%.


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