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~ erecent R&D projects


G23 Head MRI.jpg


A cap that mind maps

Traditional MRI scanners are large, expensive, intimidating machines, only affordable for large hospitals. To change this, Robinson and an international consortium led by University of Minnesota, developed a small, affordable, clinical quality, transportable brain scanner – easy to use and patient-friendly.

“We delivered a trailblazing MRI scanner that puts people first, with leading-edge science, design, and engineering at the core. We’re excited to see where the road ahead takes us as this will change the game for MRI.” says Principal Investigator Ben Parkinson, pictured.

The project brought together designers from the School of Design Innovation at Victoria with engineers from Robinson who manufactured the innovative superconducting magnet and patient systems.



G23 JNCTN.jpg


Very Tidy ID

JNCTN’s SaaS platform streamlines digital identity and workforce credential management. Customers don’t need any technical capability and it supersedes tedious paper-based systems.

Using JNCTN reduces fraudulent activity by providing proof of a worker’s identity, licences and site inductions – it ensures they’re qualified and are who they say they are.

There are many applications for JNCTN ranging from forestry, construction and mining to managing compliance and checking the tradesperson at your door is licenced.

“The global credentialing market is projected to leap to USD$2.58B by 2027, and with our first mover advantage in the energy sector, we’re very well positioned to capture the significant growth opportunity,” says CEO Wayne Stemp pictured.


G23 NZCIS.jpg


Peak District

The Performance Institute at NZCIS - NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport is a world leading shared sports facility in the Hutt Valley. Home of Wellington Phoenix, Wellington Rugby and Hurricanes.

Innovation is not technology alone. The facility is acting as a blueprint for others with global interest in how NZCIS has changed the game in accessibility and creating gender neutral environments.

World Firsts include the largest interactive screen, massive accessible pool hoist and a climate controlled studio that is unrivalled.

“Our facility is unprecedented in sharing resources and creating exciting learning spaces to accelerate skill acquisition, aggregation of data and to assist in monetising data,” says General Manager Jamie Tout pictured.

The Performance Institute is a significant investment, costing $60m out of NZCIS’s $160m total build.


G23 Proof of Concept Flxihouse.jpg


Compelling Dwellings

Flexi House is a residential housing system designed to unlock volume manufacturing and true scalability. Floor, wall and roof panels have been optimised for efficient offsite manufacturing, while also enabling flexibility to configure unique floor plans to suit different needs.

The Proof of Concept build demonstrates an innovative approach to deliver high-performance, sustainable housing with the ability to extend without waste.

It aims to dramatically increase NZ’s housing supply, reduce construction time, waste and site impact.

“Our product approach utilises repeatable and scalable components to build homes which can adapt and change over its lifetime…without any deconstruction waste.” says founder, Andre Heller pictured right with co founder Ricky Frost.

Flexi House’s proof of concept house was assembled in Cromwell in just 13 hours.


G23 Streetdog.jpg


Wheels on fire

FTN Motion ’s mission is to build the ultimate urban riding machine that turns the everyday commute into the best part of the day. Their first model, the Streetdog, is converting car drivers to electric two-wheel mobility and is decarbonising the commute.

Innovative and intuitive, the bike includes a plant-based bike body, 30 litres of lockable storage, 80km range, touch screen display, alarm-activated wheel lock and regenerative braking.

“In a short space of time we’ve been able to develop a production-ready design and are now in full production, delivering our first 100 Early Adopter Streetdogs. We’ve also started the compliance processes for entry to Europe and Australia,” says Co-founder, Luke Sinclair, pictured right with co-founder Kendall Bristow.


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