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High volume volumes

Featherston Booktown is a year-round literature development organisation and charitable trust whose largest individual project is the annual Karukatea Festival, held in May.

As a vehicle to inspire Wairarapa and New Zealand to read and write more, the trust encourages our diverse populations to celebrate the written, spoken and illustrated word.

“We make a significant impact on the local economy’s shops, accommodation and businesses from visitor influx, and the growth we have seen in the past few years is truly inspiring,” says Peter Biggs, Chair of the Featherston Booktown Trust, pictured.

There are over 45 Booktowns around the world, and next year Featherston Booktown is hosting the International Organisation of Booktowns’ Global Conference.


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Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Safari is a unique stargazing experience from Milky-Way.Kiwi.

From the heart of Wairarapa, Hari and Sam birthed Milky-Way.Kiwi with a mission: spark curiosity in tomorrow's scientists.

Through Star Safari, 2,000+ stargazers have marveled at the universe beneath our pristine skies.

Their groundbreaking Spaceward Bound initiative has brought cosmic wonders to 20,000 students across 100 schools. And just last Christmas? A whopping 3,300 visitors journeyed through the Wairarapa Space Science Centre pop-up!

"Our goal at Milky-Way.Kiwi is to provide a knowledge-based experience. We want people to walk away having had an amazing, enriching time; We want to protect our incredible dark skies as an asset for the future.” shares Director Samuel Leske, alongside the visionary co-founder, Haritina Mogosanu.

Milky-Way.Kiwi is about shaping futures.





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Arts off the charts

For two decades, the NZ Art Show has stood as a prominent Wellington event, spotlighting the best of New Zealand's emerging artists. Taking place each year over King's Birthday Weekend at the TSB Arena, it has evolved into a crucial platform for contemporary NZ artists.

Executive Director Carla Russell (pictured) states, "We remain committed to nurturing artistic brilliance, fostering creativity, and supporting our talented artists, as we set our sights on the future."

Since its inception, the show has yielded over $20 million in art sales, with more than 30,000 artworks finding new homes. With hundreds of artists and thousands of artworks, the NZ Art Show solidifies its reputation for appreciating and acquiring contemporary New Zealand art.



G23 NZ Fringe.jpg


Street Side Seats
Over 33 years the NZFF has provided an umbrella of organisation, development, ticketing and marketing to artistically and financially support artists, help raise their profile and develop their emerging careers.
In 2023 the festival welcomed back international acts and Kiwi artists, delivering 563 live performances, with over 21,500 ticket sales enabling $350,000 to be directly paid to performers.
“We’re firmly embedded in the Wellington arts calendar
as a safe space to support artists to develop their practice and find a receptive audience for their new works and continuing our legacy as The Birthplace of Brilliance!” says director Vanessa Stacey, pictured.
In spite of a substantial funding cut this year, the festival doubled any previous year’s income.


G23 Sky Stadium.jpg


Venue Envy

Now in its 24th year of operation, Sky Stadium is New Zealand’s premier multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue.

In the financial year to June, it hosted 48 event days ranging from international rugby to football to world class music acts, confirming its status as Aotearoa’s busiest stadium, with over 350,000 patrons through its doors.

“We have always been a venue for Wellington and its residents. We constantly work with local and national hirers, and international promoters to bring the best and biggest range of events to the Wellington region,” says Stadium Chief Executive, Shane Harmon, pictured.

For large events, up to 1000 staff work across the venue providing catering, security and cleaning services, primarily sourced from the Wellington region.


G23 Wai Wines Harvest Fest.jpg


A Very Chic Picnic         

This celebration of Wairarapa's finest wines, delicious local food, and entertainment at Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival, proudly presented by Provincial Insurance Brokers.

Each year, WWHF, nestled against the backdrop of ancient native trees and a serene riverside setting, draws over 2,500 attendees, with 70% coming from outside the province.

WWHF unites local wineries, top quality chefs, and food producers. Jane Cooper, 2023 Harvest Committee Chair, enthuses, "Harvest Festival stands as a highly anticipated event on Wairarapa's calendar, and the fact that most years it sells out within days is a testament to its reputation and quality experience."

This year, an impressive 97% of waste was diverted from landfill, setting the stage for a 100% diversion goal in 2024.


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